The Problem with Science


There are no problems with science itself but with the practitioners of science. Science is a near-perfect logical rational pursuit. Practitioners of science however are human and therefore subject to all our various irrationalities. Many scientists for example, will scoff at certain “soft” sciences or disturbing hypotheses. The history of science is also filled with countless examples of new theories being rejected merely because they overturned long prevailing theories. It’s almost as if some scientists are terrified of the unknown. Science is about finding evidence to support theories of the unknown not rejecting theories because the phenomena they deal with are too unusual or unpleasant to contemplate.

Having a purely scientific view can be empty as well. There is a fundamental need for people to connect with something larger outside themselves. Religion does provide this connection but intellectually advanced people tend to find most religions too primitive to embrace. Most religions also contain a great many beliefs that contradict facts uncovered by science. An organized life philosophy can fill the spiritual gaps yet remain completely compatible with science.

The Meaning of Life