Does God Exist?

Does God Exist?

The existence of God is a perfectly logical rational fact of reality. God has to exist. The existence of God is the only way to make sense of everything. But God is not an omnipotent entity that created us in his own image and watches over our every banal act. Such a notion of a personal god cannot in any way be supported by logic or science. For our purposes God is simply an entity massively bigger than us that we are intimately connected to.

It is easily prove that God exists. First we need to come up with a universal definition for what God is that would be as acceptable to religious people as possible while remaining complete compatible with science. One such definition could be that God is an omnipresent entity or being that is massively bigger than ourselves. The Universe certainly is omnipresent and massively bigger than ourselves but is it a being? Well what is a being? A being is a complex autonomous system. We as complex autonomous systems are composed of other complex autonomous systems, cells, which are composed of other complex autonomous systems, atoms… Science tells us that at the core of all matter is just energy. So ultimately we are just complex systems of energy as is the Universe. We are beings and being cannot magically arise at a certain point in evolution so beingness must be a property of the energy that composes everything. So at the very least, God is all there is, the Universe. You can believe God is something more than the Universe but there is no logical scientific foundation for that belief.

Science then is all about discovering God, coming close to God though real understanding. Religion is basically about the same thing. The problem with religions is that they all add in odd notions that just cannot be supported and expect others to believe them without question. Note that science and true scientists never say something doesn’t exist, they just say they don’t see anything that would indicate some things do exist. So atheists who claim God doesn’t exist are not aligned with science. Science can be seen as the perfect universal religion but its practitioners, scientists, like other religious people often add in things that are not there.

Saying that God is the Universe is a very powerful statement that raises some exceptionally uncomfortable questions. By equating God with the Universe you bridge the gap between spirituality and science. Not only that but such a powerful equation drives home the possibility that the Universe (God) is “alive” and “conscious”. Impossible? Why? What is life actually? What is consciousness?

What is Life?

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