Universality or Universalism is a life philosophy not a religion. Universality is grounded on science and tries to fill in the missing spiritual blanks. Universality is about connecting with something bigger outside yourself purely on your own terms as opposed to being told what to believe as in a religion. Its also about leading a good life and doing good to others because you know its the right thing to do not because someone is telling you to.

There are many people that find a purely scientific view to be too empty. All religions on the other hand, have great spiritual insight but with many unfounded beliefs thrown in. These beliefs are either the product of the primitive thinking of ancient peoples or attempts to simplify or window-dress the message to attract common people. The goal of Universality is not to replace science and religion but to complement them. Universality is completely dependent on good science. Universality is for those who are let down with their religion or spiritually stymied with their religion. It is also for those of a scientific bent that feel something fundamentally missing from their lives.

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